Romanian Beech

Two lumber qualities in 45 lengths


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International transport, consultancy, export/import operations


Beech timber is our main product to which we give our full attention and expertise.


we can prepare for delivery various high quality logs specifications from various indigenous species.


Eurocom Expansion SA

In 1992, Viorel POPESCU was founding a Wood Trading Company – EUROCOM EXPANSION S.A., becoming its General Manager. As the activity of the Company grew, EXPANSION started also to produce and sell timber and wood by-products.

Nowadays, our activity is taking place in Băiculești, ARGEȘ County, where we have a platform of around 180.000 sqm, always prepared and equipped for producing timber and half-finished materials, mainly but not exclusively from beech.

We are the best choice in this field – and it is easy to understand why.

First, we are bordering the Southern Carpathians, one of the most impressive forest districts in Romania. Therefore, we have access to a major forest area in the country as a source of high quality logs.