Romanian Beech

Two lumber qualities in 45 lengths


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Beech timber is our main product to which we give our full attention and expertise.


we can prepare for delivery various high quality logs specifications from various indigenous species.


Eurocom Expansion SA

Eurocom Expansion SA was founded in 1992 by Viorel POPESCU as Owner and General Manager, as a Wood Trading Company. In time, the activity has been extended to timber and wood derivates production. In present, the production facilities are concentrated in Baiculesti, Arges county, on a platform of about 180.000 sqm, fully equipped for the production of timber and semifabricated parts in beech and other species.

The approach to the one of the most important forest districts of Romania (the southern Carpathians, location of one of the most important beech forests in the country, source of high quality logs) is an important logistical advantage. The endowment with the latest technology equipment together with a well trained and motivated personnel completes our business card. The company has also the most extensive and modern storage facilities from Romania allowing the best conditions for the storage and the preservation of the goods.