Eurocom Expansion SA was founded in 1992 by Viorel POPESCU as Owner and General Manager, as a Wood Trading Company. In time, the activity has been extended to timber and wood derivates production. In present, the production facilities are concentrated in Baiculesti, Arges county, on a platform of about 180.000 sqm, fully equipped for the production of timber and semifabricated parts in beech and other species.

The approach to the one of the most important forest districts of Romania (the southern Carpathians, location of one of the most important beech forests in the country, source of high quality logs) is an important logistical advantage. The endowment with the latest technology equipment together with a well trained and motivated personnel completes our business card. The company has also the most extensive and modern storage facilities from Romania allowing the best conditions for the storage and the preservation of the goods.

Last but not least the proximity to BUCHAREST and to the Henri Coanda International Airport – Otopeni, which is only an hour and a half away on the highway, is another important advantage because is facilitating rapid and directly relationships with our foreign partners.


Choice making is an easy matter at EXPANSION: regardless of the destination which follows to be given to the wood bought from us, either is about furniture, or panels, doors and windows, decorative works etc., here you will find exactly what you need both in quality and sizes. The packing of the goods with a single length on pallet gives the advantage of the control over the sizes and the constant in the assurance of the quality and color exonerates our customers from problems which is not the case to mention out here.

Buying in that way you will not have secondary products that you do not need, waste material and sawdust.

There are several systems worldwide used for the dimensional and qualitative sorting of beech timber , more important being:

  • The sorting in ten qualities
  • The sorting in two qualities

To the first system is adapted a production that drastically limits the dimensional assortments: practically here are only 5-6 lengths available, nearly all over 2m. Wood defects remain entirely on the pieces and depending of their number, size and position, the timber boards are integrated in a distinct category.

It is obviously that the selection of wood defects and the sizing of the clean wood parts falls into the customer charge with all the implications arising from here (loss of material, unwanted secondary products).

The second system, which is used in our company, assumes the selection of only two qualities but in a very wide dimensional range (45 lengths for every quality and thickness apart). Practically the timber production is continued with the elimination of the faults and the fitting in of each resulted piece with a specific quality and length category (goods are sorted to a single length, thickness and quality on the pallet). Customer advantages arising from here are easily to understand this being one of the strengthen points of our product.

Choose EXPANSION and you will dispose of a beech timber:

  • Obtained from quality logs
  • Perfectly cut and balanced after drying
  • With a controlled humidity of 10±2%
  • Packed in single length pallets, in conditions which are ensuring a safe transport to destination
  • Manufactured in a very wide range of thicknesses, widths and lengths
  • Available on demand in prompt deliveries from stock or in shortest time possible (usually in not more than 30 days from the order)

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